Saturday, January 08, 2005

Me, myself and I in something-ty years... Posted by Hello

Friday, January 07, 2005

Dennis, where the devil are you? Fulham is about to start playing...
..Got up early, around 6am, the sun was already up and I couldn't stay in bed any longer. 3 hours later I was on my way to Wandle Sports Centre (Wandsworth, London) to have my regular Saturday basketball training. Oh, how many times... The game finished prematurely for me- I damaged my hand and had to go leave early...

Alabama 3 (one very good band) did a very good number starting with the line:
"Wake up this morning, got myself a gun..."
Is there something I should consider changing in my life? ;-)

Have a nice day. And warm up properly!

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... and there we were, on the roof on one of the buildings in Central London, watching the stars above and the buses below... and enjoying each other's company... Posted by Hello

New Year Day... Bono was right!

... and here we are again...

The Christmas with its shopping madness on Kings Road and that unique spirit of forthcoming holidays, the news about the tsunami, some very stupid things I did after Christmas, New Year at TigerTiger in Central Lonond and that wonderful period I had from 27th of December to the 4th of January.... and this is all because of you! I think I made my mind about it, my life became much more structured and clear now- the quality all accountants love to bits.

How can I forget these walks, cafe Nero in Notting Hill with so-much tired people there, small pubs, my nervous chuckle, Waitrose on High Street Kensington, stroll from Putney to Hammersmith along the river, drinks on the roof nearby Queen's residency... But more importantly- you...

The life is worth living, remember it!