Friday, July 29, 2005

In da name of da GAME

So, are you playing today? Posted by Picasa

Me and my mate Proka. He is OK, don't you worry. Posted by Picasa

The compaund of the Russian Embassy in London, where Juls lived for some time. Now she's back! Posted by Picasa

Juls, you are beautiful! Lucky me!!! Posted by Picasa

The party at Pauls. His trademark- quality! Posted by Picasa

Me and Pete The Wanker. Don't even ask- don't know myself. Not sure I want to know. Anyway, the weather was nice recently. Posted by Picasa

The Queen asked me to pop in for a cup of tea Posted by Picasa

If I�m troubled by every folding of your skirt,
Am I guilty of every male inflicted hurt?
But I don�t know how to describe the modern rose,
When I can�t refer to her shape against her clothes.
With the fever of purple prose. Posted by Picasa

We are on King's Road, we are together, we are happy!!! Posted by Picasa

Lovely fireplace in our hotel room. Looks great despite been built in 18th century. Posted by Picasa

Kazansky Cathedral. One of the main places to chill out... Posted by Picasa

The hotel where we stayed in St Pete... Very nice old building, we recommend it! Posted by Picasa

Juls feet in very trendy shoes Posted by Picasa

My feet Posted by Picasa

The perl of Russian Architecture
 Posted by Picasa

Zenit FOREVA!!! Posted by Picasa

This is Alex, another half of Muravlev's family. We played basketball together while at the Uni.  Posted by Picasa

Muravlevs family. Don't you get any ideas- Natasha is the Boss there! Posted by Picasa

Very lonely orange near Buckhinmham Palace
 Posted by Picasa

St. Pete from inside- this is how it should be... Posted by Picasa

Lord Smirnov, very nice person. It is my imprtession that poeple from St Pete are generally very nice. Posted by Picasa

Kirill & OIga - oer very special friends from St. Pete. The people you never be bored with! You are great! Posted by Picasa

She is lovely.... and I love you, Juls! Posted by Picasa

That's right... This is St Pete! And there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Posted by Picasa

The Man in Iron Mask and his wife. Our very good friends, knows as V&V Posted by Picasa